Weekly Roundup January 16-22

Hello and welcome to the weekly roundup of news and events that may have slipped under your radar. Every week I curate a list of articles from around the web I consider newsworthy or just of interest to those in the Arts and Leadership and will be sharing them with you here. The comments will always be open, so if l I missed a story, or you would like to add to the discussion, please feel free to join-in.

Yale changes mental health policies for students in crisis.

JSTOR and university press partners announce Path to Open Books pilot

Split outlook for strong vs. weak colleges in 2023, S&P finds

K-12 teacher shortages top list of state higher ed leaders’ concerns

The Museum of Broadway makes theatre history come to life

Columbia University names its first female president

Eric Kelderman talks about The Plan to Dismantle DEI

Harvard Medical School announces withdrawal from U.S. News & World Report rankings

College counselors are at their limit, and struggling to meet student demand

Florida not in violation of blocked “Stop Woke Act” by requesting funding info from colleges

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