Weekly Roundup Feb 13-19

Hello and welcome to the weekly roundup of news and events that may have slipped under your radar. Every week I curate a list of articles from around the web I consider newsworthy or just of interest to those in the Arts and Leadership and will be sharing them with you here. The comments will always be open, so if l I missed a story, or you would like to add to the discussion, please feel free to join-in.

Rick Seltzer looks at How the 20 largest college endowments changed last year

How Can Community Colleges Afford to Offer Dual Enrollment College Courses to High School Students at a Discount?

Program and administrative cuts to both Southern Oregon University and Indiana State

Julian Roberts-Grmela looks at the 9 Humanities Majors Are On the Chopping Block at Marymount U.

Alcino Donadel looks at How to ensure students are engaged in class

In the wake of recent news, How you can promote healing for students, faculty and staff

More news regarding Florida’s New College

HigherEdJobs asks if Are You Fostering Equity and Respect in the Use of Titles, First Names, and Honorifics?

Ashley Killough and Ed Lavandera at CNN look at Another education fight over DEI emerges, this time at a conservative campus in Texas

College Students In Florida Plan Statewide Walk-Out Protesting DeSantis, Higher-Ed Policies according to Mike Jenkins at the Tampa Free Press

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