Weekly Roundup March 6 – 12

Hello and welcome to the weekly roundup of news and events that may have slipped under your radar. Every week I curate a list of articles from around the web I consider newsworthy or just of interest to those in the Arts and Leadership and will be sharing them with you here. The comments will always be open, so if l I missed a story, or you would like to add to the discussion, please feel free to join-in.

My newest article about the 7.5 Things Hurting Your Artistic Academic Career

The winners and nominees for the 95th Oscars

Julia Piper writes about Transitions: Bates College and the California Community Colleges System Mark Leadership Milestones

Adrienne Lu looks at Lawmakers Expand Their Assault on Colleges’ DEI Efforts

Biden’s proposed $90B Education Department budget features tuition-free community college

5 state plans to restrict faculty tenure

House committee advances bills on parents’ rights, women’s sports

The Ed Dept. Is Reconsidering College-Recruitment Practices.

Eva Surovell looks at how States Want to Reshape Tenure

Alcino Donadel looks at how U.S. female college presidents shine in international report

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