Erick Vaughn Wolfe

Fight ChoreographerDirector Instructor

“Erick Wolfe’s fight direction in this fisticuffs-heavy production is far more realistic than usually seen in opera.”

Pacific San Diego

Welcome to my website. I am a professional fight/movement choreographer, stage director, and instructor. I am professionally active and working for over 20 years, and currently instructing at the university / college level for over 15 years. My credits include film, television, opera, musicals, ballet, theatre, and live stunt shows.

You can download my CV here.

My passion is the education of our next generation of artists, my focus is always on safety, both physical and mental, of all students and performers with whom I work, and I try to find unique and relatable ways in which to tell the story simply.

The menu under my name will give you an overview of all that I do. If you have any questions, or want more information, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for visiting my site.


“What a performance!!! The Adams Family Musical is one of the best I’ve ever seen!! Kudos to all the Cast, Chorus, Props, Producers, the Director Erick Wolfe, & everyone that made this musical such a huge success!!!” – D. Neises


“Major kudos to director Erick Wolfe…created what arguably could be the finest theatrical performance in the history of Montgomery County.” – Andy Taylor, Montgomery County Chronicle

“Erick Wolfe’s vital fight choreography is jolting and effectively realistic.” –  Theodore P. Mahne,

“Erick Wolfe directed the sword-fighting scene, which was a convincing melee.” – JAMES D. WATTS JR. , Tulsa World