The role of the fight director has evolved over the years. Now the role of a fight director is about more than just creating a fight. It is about keeping everyone safe, both physically and emotionally. Understanding what all goes into a fight, not just the actual techniques of the weapons or style, but also the emotional commitments of the performers. Finding the story within the fight, and telling it in a safe and entertaining manner.

As a movement choreographer, my job is to tell the story though physical action. My work includes developing large group movements all the way down to choreographing small intimate scenes. Intimacy coaching is a growing in use, and it is far more than just setting the action. The first and foremost focus is on the physical and emotional welling of the performers in the scene.

I am fortunate to have been working in the fight and movement industry for over 20 years. I am a certified teacher through the British Academy of Dramatic Combat, and with the Academy of Performance Combat. I have also worked extensively within the Historical European Martial Arts community. My fight and stunt work has been featured in films, television, theatre, opera, and ballet.

You can download my CV here.